Boton Balones Adidas STANDS

All our ball are size 5. The wooden stand ,with the engraved year on it, is always including.

1800 - 1850

Ball composed of 8 panels sewn like a basketball. This model belongs to the 19th century. At that time this model was used to play football, basketball, even rugby. Over the years each sport designed its own ball but at first all sports used the same ball model. The ball has a sewing to be inflated as you can observe on the picture


This ball dated from the beginning of the 20th century. Its appearance is like a basketball ball. The model consists of 8 panels which converge on the ball´s pole by two octagon panels. The ball has a sewing to be inflated as you can observe on the picture. Handmade.

1930 two panels

In the first World Cup, Uruguay 1930, two balls models were used in this championship. The first one was consisted of 12 panels. This design became as the icon of all vintage soccer balls. The ball model showed in the most football clubs coats is that. The ball also has a sewing where you could get access to the valve in order to inflate the ball.

1930 T-Shape

The second ball used in the first World Cup, Uruguay 1930, was called T-Shape. This name is due to their panels in a T form. This ball consists of 18 panels. It also has sewing.


1934 Federale 102

This model ball belongs to the World Cup in Italy 1934. It consists of 13 cut panels, as you can see in the picture. It was one of the first balls with letterings on its panels. The ball was well-known as Federale 102.


1938 Allen

On the 1938 World Cup in France, the chosen ball was the Allen. This model also has 13 panels like the Federale 102. The only difference, besides the name, is that its panels are not cut, not interweaved.


1950 Super Duplo

Ball used in the World Cup of Brazil 1950. It consist of 12 panels.



This ball dated from 50´s. It was played the World Cup in Switzerland 1954. The ball consist of 18 cut panels. This model was the first with a different color in a World Cup, yellow. Please visit the HISTORY section.

1958 Top Star

This ball dated from the end of 50´s until in the mid 60´s. This model was used in the World Cup Sweden 1958. It consist of 18 panels. The difference with its ancestor is ,besides the color, the form of the panels. The 1954 model has cut panels while the 1958 one has smooth panels. It is handmade.


1958 Final

Just for the final, the organisation used the same model but in white color.


1962 Crack

The true ball used on the Chile World Cup in 1962, was called Crack. This model was the first in using a new panel form.



1966 Challenge

The last ball model used in a World Cup, before the arrival of Adidas, was the Challenge. This model was chosen to play in the England World Cup in 1966.