Official match ball of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina

Tango Durlast or Tango River Plate

Adidas launched the Tango ball as the official match ball for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. Technically speaking there were not so many changes introduced by Adidas in this model. The ball was consisted of pentagonal and hexagonal panels and it was made of genuine leather as well. The only difference was the name, Tango. Obviously this name comes from the Argentina culture, the Tango dance.

About the design Adidas introduced a new item which was repeated in the following models. This item is the "Triad", the black triangle that appears across the surface of the ball. These 20 Triads created the illusion that there were 12 identical circles.


This model was made in France but in Argentina as well. That is why we can see in some models the letterings "Made in France" and "Industria Argentina" (Made in Argentina).

About the 90's Adidas introduced several reedition of the Tango 1978, but it was made of a syntethic material.