Official match ball of the 1994 World Cup in USA

Questra ball

In the first World Cup celebrated in Northamerica, USA, Adidas introduced the Questra as the officila match ball for the 1994 World Cup. The name of Questra comes from the word star, due to the fame USA has about the research of the universe and star's origins.

It was the first model with a white foam layer with a high technology polyurethane. It gave to the ball a huge energy recovery. So the ball was softer and comfortable in order to kick it.

The design of its triads (black triangles in the hexagonal panels) symbolize the star and planets of space.

This model, we see in the picture above, has the logo of the LFP (Professional Football League), the Spanish football federation.



Adidas launched several cheaper replicas (in a different colors) of the original Questra. The price of the original Questra was 60 euro on that time. All replicas were made of a less proffesional and durable material.

We see in the picture above, Romario and Maldini in the 1994 World Cup final.