Official match ball of the 2006 World Cup in Germany

Teamgeist model

In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Adidas introduced another revolutionary ball, the Teamgeist. This model is more smooth because it consists of 14 panels. These panels reduce by 60% the number of contact points, so it means a higher surface which lets players have a better control.

Teamgeist name means "team spirit". The word "Geist" is spirit in german.


On this picture above we see the Teamgeist. It consists of 14 panels which were designed by Adidas for this tournament. It is so curios that the first World Cup balls were composed by long panels in order to get the most spherical as possible. Afterwards the balls were composed by small pentagons and hexagons. Now Adidas comes back to the origin using long panels like the first models, but on this case the goal is to get the most smooth surface as possible.

In the 2006 World Cup final Adidas introduced the Teamgeist brother, the Teamgeist Gold. It was exactly the same model but in gold color. On the model above we see the letterings of Italy and France. The typical Teamgeist Gold did not have any lettering of a team printed on it.